Why Philadelphia CPA ?

Why Philadelphia CPA ?

I can assist your small business in a number of significant ways, including:

  • educate you to employ every legal tax deduction
  • be in 100% compliance with the tax code
  • avoid potential events that might trigger a tax audit
  • reduce you taxes legally, morally, and ethically

My name is Mark Fineberg, CPA. Since 1977, I have been working with small businesses to improve one’s net worth, with proven tax strategies including:

  • accelerating depreciation on your home office by 42%
  • 3 ways to deduct the cost of having a dog
  • deducting part of our vacation with your spouse
  • deducting the cost of your golf membership, as well as the balls you hit into the woods
  • 4 tax strategies for your rental properties
  • S Corporation strategy to keep you from being slammed by the IRS
  • afraid the IRS is going to knock on your door for failing to file prior tax returns-steps to avoid financial penalties and possible prosecution

Please see the testimonials on this website that validate my work work for the past 40 years!