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93% of Small Businesses are
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Finding a prudent, practical, and perceptive CPA can be challenging. Exploring my services and discovering how I can help you is not – simple as that.

Approachable & Knowledgeable

With over 25 years as a small business tax specialists and utilizing the latest legal tax reduction strategies, minimizing your tax burden is a top priority.


What I Do, More Specifically

  • Partnering with clients to create a dynamic working relationship
  • Examining your business to ascertain your specific goals
  • Implementing the proper plan to achieve your aspirations


Are You?

Looking for a CPA who will make an impact on your business life? Then, please continue to navigate through this website. Whether you’ve come via the numerous referrals I receive from existing clients, or from other marketing activity that every prudent small business owner undertakes – I would be delighted to chat with you about the inner workings of your business, and how we can make your life less taxing. Because I have worked with small business for several years, I know the potential tax savings techniques that will work for your business.

A lot of people ask me; “What differentiates you from other CPAs?” My response is that you will be working with a seasoned CPA and business specialists that employs the most advanced, legal, ethical, and moral tax reductions strategies that will empower your endeavors to be a successful entrepreneur.

That’s why I start with the basics. With clear communication, convenient documentation, and ongoing monitoring of your business,  clients are assured of receiving excellent service and are fully immersed in the process. Are you receiving this attention to detail? Maybe it’s time to consider the right solution to your accounting, tax, and business needs.  Alright, well that’s enough writing. I think Google likes my homepage now.  Curious about my expertise? Get in touch at your convenience, or keep browsing my website : )

– Mark  S. Fineberg, CPA