Unmatched Client Guarantees

Discover the basis of the unmatched value I provide provide to my clients with my 7 guarantees.

1. Annual Fixed Fee-No Hidden Costs

I establish an annual fixed fee from the information provided to ascertain the approximate time to perform our accounting, tax planning preparation, and bookkeeping services.

Therefore, our clients know at the beginning of each year what costs will be incurred.

No Hidden Fees!

2. Unlimited Support 24/7

Our fixed annual fee includes unlimited support to accomplish my goal of world class service to meet your financial needs & goals.  This includes but is not limited to:

  • All correspondences
  • All email responses
  • All meetings
  • All telephone calls

This insures my clients unlimited access anytime, and knowing they will not be billed for this valuable time.

3. Respond to Your Concerns Within an Hour

One of my most important guarantees is responsiveness. I know if you call, email or text a concern it is important, and I make it a priority to address it immediately.

4. Address Any Penalties Due to Late Filings & Improper Tax Positions

You do not have to worry about any penalty due to late filing or any improper tax position. I will address it immediately to make it right.

5. Timely Filing of Returns & Reports

I have built my business on developing relationships based on trust. Your tax returns, financial statements, and other requests will always be prepared and addressed timely and professionally.

6. Making Your Life Less Taxing

This is one of the hallmark cornerstones to working with Philadelphia CPA.  I not only reduce your taxes, but I reduce the overall burden, worry, and stress that can come with the complex tax laws. Philadelphia CPA provides 360 degrees of assurance.

7. Reduce Taxes Each & Every Year

I will employ legal, ethical, and moral tax reduction strategies designed to decrease your overall tax liabilities (dollars owed) each and every year making your life less taxing!

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