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Philadelphia CPA was established in 1980 with the sole purpose of working with small business to legally reduce their tax burden.

Dear Business Owner:

For the most part, the IRS loves you!

Why would I make such a statement? Well, You’re in business for yourself. As such, the IRS Tax Code contains a significant number of tax deductions available, only to you!

These valuable deductions can add up to saving thousands of dollars in tax payments every year.

However, there’s a problem…

If you neglect or are unaware of these tax deductions, the IRS doesn’t automatically take them for you.

It’s a real catch-22. 

Failing to take all the deductions you are entitled to, could  cost thousands in tax payments to the IRS that you are legally NOT required to remit.

Taking deductions, you’re not entitled to-or can’t substantiate with the proper documentation, can result in negative tax consequences.

This is precisely why, after working a number of years in a regional CPA Firm, I decided to pursue working solely with small business owners. My mission was and is to provide a seamless way to navigate the endless challenges for the small business owner; including value added services such as bookkeeping, accounting, and legal tax saving strategies.

My name is Mark S. Fineberg, CPA.

In 1980, I began developing tax reduction strategies for small business owners and professionals. 

As a client of Philadelphia CPA, you will learn:

  • 7 types of entertainment that are still available after-tax reform
  • Is having a home office a red flag for IRS audits
  • How to hire your spouse/or children without paying payroll taxes
  • 36 items that can be depreciated just like equipment
  • Get a 100% deduction for partying with your employees
  • 5 rules for turning your vacation into tax deductible travel
  • deduct 100% of your meals under new law
  • are you cheating yourself by using the IRS Mileage Rates?

These are just a very small sampling of the numerous tax strategies that will reduce your tax burden.

As a final thought, in my 40+ years of working with small businesses, I have found that on average, the self-employed business owner/professional are missing out on approximately $17,700 in valuable tax deductions. Please contact me today to immediately initiate this process!

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