Here’s What You Can Deduct if You’re a Golfer

June 26th, 2016 at 2:24 PM

Maybe you are considering purchasing a corporate golf membership at a local golf course, that allows you to play once a day with up to 3 guests. Basically you are receiving unlimited golf instated of paying for individual rounds; no food discounts, social gatherings, etc.—nothing but golf.

Essentially you are buying a “season pass”, and you can deduct the cost of the season pass based upon business use. For example, if you play 25 rounds that include 55 guests, you have a total 80 rounds  If you paid $5000 for the season pass, your cost per round was $62.50. If you can prove that 60 of the 80 rounds were business related, your tax deduction would be $3,750( 60 x 62.50).

Also, the balls that you dive into the woods or the water, the tees, and golf gloves, are also tax deductible—golf clubs NO.

In addition, don’t forget to deduct the meals and snacks your business guests consume; however, these valuable tax deductions must adhere to the ” associated entertainment” rules.

If you abide within the the IRS rules, yo can enhance your golfing experience.

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