What I Do

Go Beyond The Numbers

I get it – exploring a CPA’s services and understanding what exactly they’ll be doing for you can be challenging-Call Me and I’ll make it crystal clear in 15 minutes!

I do more than just compile reports and prepare returns. I’m readily available to provide expert advice ensuring financial peace of mind now and in the future. My complete suite of services coupled with today’s technologies is designed to help you meet all your financial goals.

With experience in working with physicians and professionals, retail, construction, and services businesses, individualizing to accommodate your specific needs is most essential for compliance. Knowing the nuances in your business brings confidence that your business will receive the attention to produce results.

By understanding your concerns and financial goals, we can work together to achieve the desired results. Look forward to working with you!

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I Blog, Frequently.

Every time a new tax ruling, pronouncement, or tax change occurs, you will be the 1st to know about it, if you visit my Blog postings. Here you can archive the most advanced legal, ethical, and moral tax saving strategies allowed by the U.S. Tax Code. Curious to find out- please go check my archived blog above : )